In the 2021 HYS administration, the questions regarding gender identity and sexual orientation will be included in the demographic section of the main survey rather than in the tear-off section, where they have been placed in the past.

These questions are being included to help ensure that the survey is inclusive for all students and to help address health disparities. Healthy Youth Survey Exemption Letter (PDF)

The following two questions will be on the main form of the survey that is administered to 8-12th graders.

Which of the following best describes you?

  1. Heterosexual (straight)
  2. Gay or lesbian
  3. Bisexual
  4. Questioning/not sure
  5. Something else fits better
  6. I do not know what this question is asking

How do you currently identify yourself? Select all that apply.

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Transgender
  4. Questioning/not sure of my gender identity
  5. Something else fits better
  6. I do not know what this question is asking

If including these questions on the survey causes undue hardship on your school, or district, creates a risk to student safety, or potential loss of funding, your School District Superintendent can request an exemption by submitting a letter to HCAHealthyYouthSurvey@hca.wa.gov by June 30th. In this letter, please explain the reason for your school district’s decision to apply for the exemption, and who was involved in the decision (i.e., stakeholders, parents, school board, students, etc.). Please include the schools in your district that are requesting to be exempted.

The Healthy Youth Survey Exemption Committee will contact you within 10-14 business days with the decision about your exemption. If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Hughes, Supervisor, HCA/DBHR at HCAHealthyYouthSurvey@hca.wa.gov or 360-725-1687.