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Safety and Violence Behaviors 6th 8th 10th 12th MS HS
Unintentional Injury ?
Violent Behaviors & School Safety ?
Bullying and Harassment ?
Risk and Protective Factors
Community Risk Factors ?
Community Protective Factors ?
School Risk Factors ?
School Protective Factors ?
Peer-Individual Risk Factors ?
Peer-Individual Protective Factors ?
Family Protective Factors ?
Health and Health-Related Behaviors
Weight and Obesity ?
Dietary Behaviors ?
Oral Health ?
Physical Activity ?
Asthma ?
Depression & Suicide ?
Sexual Behavior ?
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use
Current Substance Use ?
Alcohol Use (2 pages) ?
Tobacco Use ?
Tobacco & Vapor Product Use ?
Electronic Cigarette & Vapor Uses ?
Marijuana Use (2 pages) ?
All Grade Topical Reports All MS HS
Alcohol Use ?
Marijuana Use ?
School Safety ?
Depressive Feelings & Suicide ?
Prescription Medication Use ?
State-level Only Reports 6th 8th 10th 12th MS HS
Polysubstance Use ?

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