The following is a list of HYS Joint Survey Planning Committee Members. Feel free to contact them with questions.

Kevin Beck (DOH): kevin.beck [at] (877) HYS-7111
Emily Maughan (OSPI): Emily.Maughan [at] (360) 725-6030
Mandy Paradise (OSPI): Mandy.Paradise [at] (360) 725-6248
Alicia Hughes (HCA): Alicia.Hughes [at] (360) 725-1687
Susan Richardson (contractor): susan.richardson [at]

Agency Websites

Additional Local Contacts

The following is a list of regional ESD HYS Coordinators:

ESD 101 (Spokane) Brittany Campbell bcampbell [at] (509) 789-3554
ESD 105 (Yakima) Susan Martin Susan.Martin [at] (509) 834-9420
ESD 112 (Vancouver) Deb Drandoff deb.drandoff [at] (360) 952-3396
ESD 113 (Olympia) Erin Wick ewick [at] (360) 464-6849
OESD 114 (Bremerton) Michelle Dower MDower [at] (360) 478-6893
PSESD 121 (Renton) Cassandra O’Francia cofrancia [at] (425) 917-7846
ESD 123 (Pasco) Dana Camerena DCamarena [at] (509) 544-5762
NCESD 171 (Wenatchee) Shelley Seslar shelleys [at] (509) 665-2626
NWESD 189 (Anacortes) Jodie DesBeins JDesBiens [at] (360) 299-4010

Comments or Questions

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