HYS 2020 Survey Revision Process

Each Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) administration cycle begins with a review of all questions that have been previously asked on the survey. Questions are added, removed, or edited based on the state’s priorities, stakeholder needs, and other adolescent health behaviors that are monitored on other youth surveys nationally. To that end, the Healthy Youth Survey Planning Committee (HYSPC) is soliciting input on questions for 2020 HYS.

The HYS is limited by the type and number of questions that can be asked. Students need to be able to complete the survey in one class period. For this reason, if new questions or topics are added, other questions or topics need to be removed. We are currently exploring strategies and approaches that might allow us to include more questions and topics in the future.

Options for Providing Input:

Before providing input, become familiar with the previously asked questions by reviewing:

There are multiple opportunities to provide your feedback on the 2020 HYS questions.

  1. Propose a New Question for 2020:
    • Complete the New Question Proposal Form to formally submit a new question for the 2020 HYS.
    • There is limited capacity to add questions to HYS. You can leave some questions on the New Question Proposal form blank, but we encourage you to provide as many responses as possible.
  2. Let the HYSPC know if there is a certain topic or question you wish was asked on the Healthy Youth Survey.
  3. Complete an online survey about which questions to include in 2020. Click Here
    • Provide feedback on newly proposed questions.
    • Provide feedback about which questions to remove.
    • Let the HYSPC know how useful the questions are to you.
  4. Attend the In-Person Revision Meeting ~ date coming soon
    • This meeting includes a summary of comments provided by stakeholders, reviewing the online survey results, and Newly Proposed questions for 2020. Attend in-person or remotely to provide your recommendations for 2020 HYS.

The HYSPC will consider all input and make final decisions to the 2020 survey questions. Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions.