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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many school facilities operating remotely, administration of the 2020 Healthy Youth Survey has been postponed and alternative administration options are currently being explored. Updates will be posted on as plans evolve, and questions can be sent to .

Why Participate in HYS

Information about Survey Content

Small School District

For the 2020 HYS, schools in “small” districts that can survey additional grades 7, 9, and 11 to receive Combined Grade reports.
  • If a school or district has a total of 15 valid respondents, at least one respondent in each grade, and at least a 40% response rate, they can get a 6/7/8 grade Middle School report or a 9/10/11/12 grade High School Report. Schools can also receive individual grade level reports if they have 15 valid survey respondents in each grade and at least a 40% response rate.
  • List of Small School Districts (PDF)

HYS 2020 E-survey Pilot

Historically, the Healthy Youth Survey has been administered via paper and pencil. In an effort to help meet the request of schools who have asked that it be offered electronically, for the 2020 administration, an electronic version of the survey is being piloted. The information gathered from the pilot will inform future survey administration. To ensure that schools and districts continue to receive reliable and meaningful data, it was decided that a small portion of districts throughout the state would randomly be selected to participate in the 2020 electronic survey pilot. Once the survey is administered, the results from the paper survey and the results from the electronic survey will be looked at to ensure that data being collected through both modes is comparable. Permitting schools to select their own mode of survey administration will limit the ability to assess the impact for this new survey method and account for any effects that may appear. If you have any further questions about the HYS 2020 E-survey Pilot, please contact Emily Maughan at OSPI,

In the 2020 HYS administration, the questions regarding gender identity and sexual orientation will be included in the demographic section of the main survey for students in 8th to 12th grade, rather than in the tear-off section, where they have been placed in the past. These questions are being included to help ensure that the survey is inclusive for all students and to help address health disparities. If including these questions on the survey causes undue hardship on your school, or district, creates a risk to student safety, or potential loss of funding, your school district can request an exemption at

Copies of the 2018 Surveys
Questions on the 2020 Survey are similar to those from 2018.

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