Survey Questionnaires

Survey Forms A and B are for older students in 8th grade through 12th grade. Forms A and B are randomly distributed so half of the students answer Form A and the other half answer Form B.
Survey Form C is for younger students in 6th grade (and 7th grade in small school districts).

For the 2021 HYS, there were two types of optional questions.

  • Form B included six optional questions on sexual behavior and abuse that schools could choose to exclude from the survey.
    See the Extra Question Fact Sheet for more information.
  • Forms A and B included two questions on sexual orientation and gender identity to make the survey more inclusive for all students and to help address health disparities. Schools districts could request an exemption to exclude these questions.

Each survey administration, the survey questions are reviewed and adjusted based on statewide and local needs. The following “changes” documents provide a description of the changes in survey questions from administration to administration:

2021 HYS Questionnaires:

2018 HYS Questionnaires:

2016 HYS Questionnaires:

2014 HYS Questionnaires:

2012 HYS Questionnaires:

2010 HYS Questionnaires:

2008 HYS Questionnaires:

2006 HYS Questionnaires:

2004 HYS Questionnaires:

2002 HYS Questionnaires:

In 2014, there were two versions of Forms A and B. Form A-enhanced included optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. Form B-enhanced included optional questions on sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual behavior and abuse.

In 2010 and 2014, There were two versions of Form B. Form B included questions on sexual behavior and Form NS excluded those questions.