Data Resources

HYS 2023 Presentation

Watch a presentation about the 2023 HYS results. Topics include information about HYS participation, methods, and interpretation. Find out about the latest results and how to access them.   

PowerPoint Presentation  
Zoom Recording

HYS Dashboard Dictionary and Crosswalk

An Excel file with details about the HYS survey questions used on the Dashboard. It includes a tab for each year of results and a crosswalk for all years.

HYS Dashboard Dictionary and Crosswalk (XLSX)

HYS Dashboard Breakout View Group Descriptions

A description of the survey questions that were used to create the Breakout View groups and changes over time.

HYS Dashboard Breakout View Group Descriptions (DOCX)

HYS Interpretive Guide

Information to help those involved in local program planning make the most of their survey results. Includes an overview of statistical considerations, local reports, and ways to use local data.

HYS Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Using your Healthy Youth Survey Results

Training on accessing, understanding, interpreting, and communicating HYS results from Spring 2022.

Training Presentation (PDF)
Recorded Training Webinar (MP4)

HYS Data Dictionary and Crosswalk

An Excel file with a tab for each survey administration year that includes details about the survey questions, variables, and locations of questions on survey forms and reports.

Data Dictionary and Crosswalk (XLSX)

Testing Significant Difference

A tool to determine if two survey results are different from another. Enter the percentage and confidence interval for two results to test for statistical significance.

Tool for Determining HYS (XLS)

HYS Chart Template

A template to create standardized HYS charts. Users can enter data, titles, location and more into sheet to create localized data charts.

HYS Chart Template (XLSX)

Data Analysis & Technical Assistance Manual

A manual for users with an individual record dataset that establishes standard methods for simple frequency and crosstab analysis of Healthy Youth Survey data. Supports STATA programing of HYS analysis.

Data Analysis Manual (PDF)

Data and Interpretation Assistance

If you have questions about HYS results or want to review findings before sharing them, please contact the following Local Health Assessment staff in your county.

Local HYS Data Contact

Additional Data Resources

Washington HYS Adverse Childhood Experiences (WAH-ACEs) Interpretive Guide

Information about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the development of the WA-ACEs score, how to interpret it, why it's relevant to schools and communities:

WAH-ACEs Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Basics of the Healthy Youth Survey

This page gives a summary of the HYS, the questions asked, how to get results, and how the results are used.

Basics of the HYS 2021 (PDF)

How to get access to school building and district Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) results on AskHYS

A username and password are only required to access school district and school building results. This document provides details about how to request permission from Superintendents and get a login

How to get EDS access to HYS (PDF)

What are Risk and Protective Factors

Historical information and analyses of risk and protective factors in HYS data.

Risk and Protective Factors on HYS (PDF)

Alignment of Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) Leadership Framework and the Healthy Youth Survey

This document takes the defined areas in the AWSP Leadership Framework and aligns them with questions that were asked on the HYS.

AWSP Leadership Framework HYS 2021.pdf