HYS Survey Questionnaires

HYS 2023 Survey Questionnaire

There are two surveys, one for elementary students and one for secondary students:

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Survey Questionnaires from Previous Administrations

From 2002 to 2021, there were three survey forms. Forms A and B were for older students in 8th grade through 12th grade and were randomly distributed so half of the students answer Form A and the other half answer Form B. Survey Form C was for younger students in 6th grade (and 7th grade in small school districts).


Survey Content and Development

HYS questionnaires include items about demographics, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, and other drug use; health concerns (nutrition and fitness, health conditions and health care, behaviors related to intentional/unintentional injuries, mental health); school climate; hope, and risk and protective factors (community, school, peer and individual, and family).

Rationale & Description of Survey Content

HYS is available in Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese, and is screen reader capable.

The questionnaire items were drawn and revised primarily from four establish surveys used throughout the United States. Each of these surveys has been subjected to scientific research regarding reliability and validity and has been field tested extensively.

Questions on the survey have changed over time